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The Potato Barkery

Chill Pills

Chill Pills

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Do you wish your pup would calm down and just chill sometimes? If your answer is yes, then The Potato Barkery Pharmacy has the product for you! Endorsed by our in-house Chief Potato Officers/Dogtors Truffle and Rocket, these cute pills come in a jar of 12 pills, pawsonally prescribed for your pup.

[Disclaimer: These cookie pills are unlikely to calm down your pup but come with side effects that include drooling and may be highly addictive]


We are not canine nutritionists. Please check our ingredients list for any potential allergens and feed your puppers these treatos in moderation as part of a well balanced diet.



Organic coconut flour, organic buckwheat flour, free range egg, lactose free Greek yoghurt, Australian honey, extra virgin olive oil, organic beetroot powder, blue spirulina, butterfly pea powder, organic carob powder, organic green spirulina, pink pitaya, organic turmeric, desiccated coconut, melted yoghurt drops (no added sugar), melted carob drops (no added sugar), natural ingredient sprinkles (not sugar free).



Our products are best stored in an airtight container in a cool part of the house with the moisture absorber sachet provided. They can also be stored in the freezer. Cookies should have a shelf life of 3-6 months. Please ensure your pup does not eat the moisture absorber sachet.

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