About us

The Potato Barkery was born out of a love for food (both the hoomans and doggos) and a humble little idea of making some cookies for our pupper frens.

Ruyi is the main hooman behind The Potato Barkery. Food, cooking and baking have always been her passions. She got to live her culinary dream when she attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu London in 2019. She has dabbled in human cakes, including her own wedding cake but little did she think this would evolve into dog cookies!

After moving out of Sydney to the Central Coast, we welcomed Truffle home in 2021, a goofy chocolate lab who always has food on the brain. Four months later, Rocket, our black lab and Truffle's half brother made our fur family complete.

Chief Potato Officers Truffle & Rocket

The boys have enthusiastically welcomed the idea of being the Chief Taste Testers/Chief Potato Officers at The Potato Barkery (for those who don't know, the boys are often referred to as the big and smol potatoes).

All our treatos are handmade with quality human grade ingredients (and yes, some of us hoomans have tried them too) and are preservative and grain free.

We hope to bring you some joy through our whimsical cookies, and that you'll love them as much as we (and the potatoes) do.