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The Potato Barkery

Gummy Bears Pack

Gummy Bears Pack

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Ever wanted to share sweets with your pup? Now you can with our gummy bear pack!

Each pack contains 30 mini yoghurt bears in 6 different colours (5 of each).


PLEASE NOTE WHILE WE TRY OUR BEST TO INSULATE OUR PRODUCTS MELTING CAN POTENTIALLY OCCUR IN HOT WEATHER. We will aim to ship out on cooler days. We do recommend choosing express postage to limit the time in transit if there is any concern.


We are not canine nutritionists. Please check our ingredients list for any potential allergens and feed your puppers these treatos in moderation as part of a well balanced diet.



Melted yoghurt drops (no added sugar), organic beetroot powder, blue spirulina, organic green spirulina, pink pitaya, purple sweet potato, organic turmeric, natural colouring (apple, blue spirulina, carrot, cherry, green spirulina, hibiscus, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, radish, safflower, citric acid).



Our products are best stored in an airtight container in a cool part of the house with the moisture absorber sachet provided. They can also be stored in their pouches the freezer. Yoghurt and carob treats are best consumed within 3 months of purchase. Due to the nature of superfood powders and not using synthetic colouring, you may notice the colour can degrade a little over time. Please ensure your pup does not eat the moisture absorber sachet.

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